Thursday, September 3, 2015

On Kentucky County Clerk Kim Davis' alleged hypocrisy

If Kim Davis' story holds up (notice the "if") and she is a recent convert to Christianity, then liberals are simply hypocrites. 

You can't judge her according to standards she didn't hold yet. 

But let's see, according to liberalism, she can get divorced and married all she wants. It's only when you assume Christian standards that the question of hypocrisy arises.

Let's push this one step further: We must then ask do these fault-finders want to assume Christian standards when judging the institute of marriage?


I didn't think so.

But here's the's completely irrelevant.

This is simply a cousin of the "straights have ruined marriage so let us have the right to get married too" argument. It's a complete non-sequitur (the "tu quoque" fallacy). It does not follow. One's immorality is not a license for another's.

The dividing line here, as it always has been from the beginning, is the Word of God.

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