Friday, September 18, 2015

Video: The Real History Of Slavery

One of the most profound points that Thomas Sowell makes is that those who cry the loudest about Euro-centric oppression of black Africans in fact have a Euro-centric view of the institution of slavery...for who would intentionally downplay the history of slavery?

He frames it much more clearly than I do above.

But the basic idea is that slavery existed far longer than emphasized. It has also affected more people -- whites -- than emphasized.

In an interview, Sowell points out that slavery exists as long as we have ancient documents. But that's only true if you discount the Holy Bible as a reliable historical document, which it is.

He also points out that very conservative religious people dreamed up the idea of ending slavery, people whom he says are the equivalent to today's "religious right." As he immediately says after pointing out that fact, that's very "politically incorrect."

He also points out that it took 18 centuries after the Lord Jesus Christ's Sermon on the Mount to abolish slavery.

Pick up his book "Black Rednecks and White Liberals"  from Amazon to read Sowell's unique insights on race.

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